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Tips for Hardwood Floors & Pets

Mar 19


Four Tips for Hardwood Floors & Pets

If your pet is a cat or dog, hardwood flooring will be easier than carpeting.

Hardwood floors are a popular choice for pet owners. Hardwood floors can be healthier for pets because they don’t contain fibers or allergens that trap and retain allergens.

Choosing Wood for Your Pets

If you have hardwood floors that are in good condition you don't need them to be changed.

If you have pets, a more complicated wood will work best.

When your floors are finished, choose between a matt or satin floor. These floors should be hidden.

Use Rugs for High-Traffic Areas

These rugs are great for protecting floors that pets and people use most. Be careful with rubber back rugs.

Lay a rug beneath your pet’s food and water dishes to absorb any spillages or drips. It is important to replace the rug as soon as it gets damp to avoid water damage.

Fido should not be worried. Use a mat to cover the litter box.

Cats and Wood Floors

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Maintain Your Dog's Nails Trimmed

This can help reduce damage to wooden floors. Consider how your feet might feel if you don’t trim your nails.

No matter the type of flooring you have - pets can cause damage.